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Amazing Facts


1. Why Aren't The Olympic Games Held Every Year?

Heracles, known as Hercules to the Romans, was the greatest hero of die Greek legends. The Olympics were founded in memory of a race that he and his three brothers are said to have run. To celebrate that race, the Greeks hold a great athletic competition every four years, (one year for each brother (The Olympics).

2. Why Do We Brush Our Teeth?

To brush away the bits of food that get stuck between ourt, and cause toothache and cavities. For healthy teeth brush every morning night and after meals.

3. What Makes An Echo?

If you shout across a valley and the sound bounces back toy from the mountain or the other side, that is an echo. It is so that is reflected from one surface back to where it started. I sounds will not bounce back from things that are very close you.

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