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Manners and etiquette are the essential tools for the development of personality of an individual. The family / parents play a vital role in educating their children in accordance with the teaching and principles of our religion Islam.

Right from mother's lap the child start's learning what she observes in his surrounding and picks-up what s/he is taught by the parents and by the elders the child learns mostly from the home atmosphere and environment at the early stage. The way to communicate, the manners to act depends upon the teaching of the parents at home and the teaching and training imparted by the school teachers at the primary level. The general behavior of the child depends upon the hereditary and environmental factors developed in early stage of life. God gifted qualities such as honesty, truthfulness, sincerity, trustworthiness, bravery, courage, patience etc.

And many other good qualities could give better values in i shaping the personality of the individual. The parents at home and teachers at school should exercise due efforts and use the required tools to teach and impart training to the children with refined habits, well behaviors as all the good habits adopted at the early stage of life to the young would prove assets for their families and for the society. The minors children are our future assets and they must possess best thoughts, moderate approach, patience, kindness, help worthiness wisdom and all other good qualities for learning a happy and pleasant life in the future.

The expectation from the young children correlate with the courage, moral and their faith in God they suppose to be civilized, shall be capable to shoulder the responsibilities with the national spirit and enthusiasm. Their good habits, good manners and fine netiquettes could turn the shuttle to right direction. Besides the textbooks included in the syllabus of the student which provide knowledge in the specific field / subject, emphasis is required to be placed on subject of etiquette and manners to be included as subject at the primary level. Mare textbooks are not enough in molding the lifestyle of the child/ students.

Friendly environments and good relationship between the teacher and the student could produce better lot of students fully equipped with manners and etiquette which would further develop their personalities in the next stages of life. Our religion Islam pays special tribute to formulate the lifestyle of an individual in accordance with the guidelines and basic principles of Islamic teaching. Islam is a complete code of life having universal applications in all the atmospheres and all environments throughout the world. It covers all fields and all aspects of life. It teaches how to behave, how to became a useful and good citizen in a society. A perfect Muslim will be one who adopts the teaching of Islam, which provides all guidelines for the adoption of good social behavior and etiquette.

The society is a combination and organized gathering of people. Good people could form good society and vise versa. In various Surah of the Quran Allah the Great has defined the qualities of a good and wise believer such as Surah Ai-Furqan , AL-Momenoon , AL- Luqman , AL-Hujraat , AL-Qalam ,and at so many other places in Quran . Placing great emphases for the adoption of nice habits , good manners and netiquettes useful for the individual and for the well-being of the society as a whole . Good and nice behavior reflecting the dignity, honor and bright sign of success and glory not for oneself but for the whole family/ society and institution.

A positive change could be brought by the young fully equipped with quality education devoted to their duties faithful to their mission, honest and sincere to their assignment and skilled in their trade. The basic thing giving support to all these quarters are the manner and etiquette their behavior, their lifestyle their intellectual qualities. Due stress is needed for imparting standard education to the students which besides their academic qualification pour and add best and more suitable moral education. Islam is a complete code of life and good Muslim shall always possess good habit, good manners and best etiquette that is the right purpose and true aim of education.

The environmental effects add color to the inherited values of the child embank him with the extra ordinary personality and shinning character which could be quoted as a symbol in a society. The environment plays a decisive role in framing the general attitude, personality and worthiness of the child. Due attention and special care shall be put in at the early age, right from the primary level, enabling the child to pickup the value for a successful carrier and to became an asset for the society and to became worthy enough for the delivery of services to mankind. It is the moral duty of individual to extend good to other individual of the society without caring for ones personal interest.

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