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Badminton | History Of Badminton | Introduction



In china there is a game named Ti Jian Zi The first game in which shuttlecock was used. the name and game badminton evolved from that ancient game but the difference in Ti Jian Zi and badminton is that in Ti jain Zi players used to play with their feet and to win they have to stop the shuttlecock from touching the ground. Badminton is named after when it was played in England in 1850s, in badminton House, If we trace this game to mid 80s we came to know that this game was created by British military offices stationed in India, being the game was played in Poona (now a days pune) at the British garrison so it also called Poona. This game was developed in England because the retired officers from Poona (India) used to play this game in England.

So in England the rules were also set out, Although badminton house Gloucestershire was owned by the duke of Beaufort and their this sort / game get his name badminton but it is unclear that when and why this name has confirmed in 1860, A booklet was published by he name of badminton battledore a new game the author of this book was isaac spralt but unfortunately o copy has survived after that the cornhull magazine describes badminton as "battledore ad shuttle cock played with sides across a string suspended some five feet from ground in 1863.

Although the first rules were drawn up in Poona in 1873. In 1875 after the veterans returning from India started a club in flowstone. and their the England players were following the rules that were made in India till 1887, Than in 1887 J.H.E hart drew made changes in the rules and make it applicable to English ideas the bath badminton club was the first place or club who played this game on standardize rules. the badminton association of England published the first set of rules in 1893.

On September 13th 1893 badminton was launched officially in a place called Dunbar at 6 Waverley grove Portsmouth England. the first completion of badminton was held in 1899, that was all England open badminton championship. the international badminton federation (IBF) now a days known as Badminton world federation (BWF) was established with France, Ireland, New Zeland, Canada, England, Denmark, Scotland an was as its founding member India joined as an affiliate in 1936. Now BWF governs international badminton and develop the game globally.

0.1. Badminton Racquets:

The racquets for badminton game must be 2.4 to 3.3 ounces (70-90 grams) with lighter weight many companies round the world making racquets for badminton with different style and different material, e.g carbon fiber (graphite reinforced plastic), solid steel, wood, etc here carbon fiber has a top quality with standard strength and weight ratio which produce excellent kinetic energy transfer. cheep racquets made of wood and low standard steel are still available in market because of cheep material and expensive price.

0.2. Shuttle cock:

A shuttle cock is a high drag projectile with an open shape the cone shape is made of sixteen embedded feathers into a rounded cork base. where the cork is covered with this leather of synthetic material. To Test a shuttle cock use a full underhand stroke by which shuttlecock shall hit at an upward angle parallel to the side lines. the speed of standard shuttle cock should be more than 530 and less than 990mm short.

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