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Magazine & its Types


The term “magazine” is derived from an Arabic word “machsan” which means “storehouse of knowledge, treasure”. It can be defined as;

A magazine is a periodical containing variety of articles, stories and poems etc.


A similar section of the newspaper usually appearing on weekends or holidays in commemoration of certain events of national importance or for a particular age group like Young magazine for children, Books and authors of Dawn Group on weekend. The world’s first magazine was “The Review” published in 1704 as a small weekly periodical founded by “Daniel Defoe”.

The term Magazine was first used in 1731 in the title of “Gentleman’s Magazine” founded in London. The first essay-type periodical was Tattler published in 1709 by Richard Steel and edited by Isac Bickerstaff.

1. Types/Kinds of Magazines (In Pakistan):

The types of magazine can be divided into 3 categories i.e. on the basis of circulation or scholastic journalism, on the basis of function and on the basis of periodicity;

2. According to Circulation:

According to circulation or scholastic journalism; magazines can be of three types;

General Magazines:These have huge circulation as they cover almost all the fields like showbiz, politics, stories, current affairs, novels etc. e.g. Akhbar-e-Jahan, Jang, Family etc.

Class or Literary Magazine:They usually target literary class or highly educated people and focus on literary topics, reviews on social and economic problems, interviews, books and author reviews etc. These have high prices and a limited circulation. They now hardly find their place in their market as most of them have closed due to Digest magazines, TV and radio which provide entertainment in the form of songs or dramas based on novels or short stories. Most famous were Naya Daur, Naqsh, Sawera, Urdu Adab. Some still find their place like Sage related to mass communication, Fanoon, Naqoosh etc.

Specialized Magazines:They are related to specific fields like politics, showbiz, fashion, cooking, sports, current affairs, business, science, engineering etc e.g. Times,” LifeStyle” for fashion, StarDust, Libas, Masala, Sports Time etc

3. Types of Magazine on Basis of Function:

On the basis of function, the various types of magazine are briefly discussed as follows;

3.1. Religious Magazine:

They are specifically related to religious issues. These may include religious articles, religious poetry, history, answers to questions related to particular issues, religious scholars interviews etc. different magazines for different sects are available. Most famous religious magazines are Tarjuman-ul-Quran, Faran, Iblagh, Al-Haq etc.

3.2. News Magazine:

These magazines include articles on latest news and events and represent critical analyses of various important issues in Pakistan and worldwide. E.g. Newsline, Newsweek, Herald, Jehangir World Times, Times Magazine etc.

3.3. Showbiz Magazine:

These magazines include news gossips and the latest events/movies, interviews of celebrities and news about other showbiz activities. Paras, Adakar, Star Dust are some of the important showbiz magazines.

3.4. Fashion Magazine:

These magazines include the latest fashion trends in society. These may include best quality pictures of super models modeling for some brand of clothes or jewelry, hair styles, make ups etc. Most famous fashion magazines are LifeStyle, Libas, Fashion etc. They are usually very expensive because of the quality pictures and paper material.

3.5. Sports Magazine:

Activities, events related to sports are widely discussed in these magazines. They also include interviews of different stars and their career profile. Some important sports magazines are The Cricketer, Sports Time, Golf Digest etc.

3.6. Children’s Magazine:

These include cartoons, stories, drawing, pictures, knowledge section and many more for children. Some famous are Taleem-o-Tarbiat, Young World, Phool, Naun-e-Haal, Phool-Kalian, Weekly Wikkid etc.

3.7. Professional Magazine:

These are specifically related to some profession like oil & Gas magazines, Computer related magazines etc.

3.8. Women’s interest Magazines:

Nowadays women’s interest magazines exist in the form of monthly digests. These include novels, short stories, beauty tips, interviews of successful women, articles on women related social issues etc. some of the most important are Khwateen Digest, Kiran, Shua etc.

3.9. Cooking Magazines:

Recipes of various dishes, salads, and other kitchen related matters are discussed in cooking magazines. Some famous cooking magazines are Masala, Dastarkhwan etc.

3.10. In-House Journal:

In house journals are published by various companies, government or semi government departments in order to update their clients, employees or followers about the latest developments and events. Its most popular type is newsletter. Some examples of In house journals are ShehPer By Pakistan Air Force, Hamari Manzil by Daewoo Bus and Cargo Services, Aram Co by Saudi Oil & Gas Company etc.

3.11. Research Journals:

Research journals are usually published on quarterly basis or twice a year. These include research articles in the form of research papers, analytical articles. Most of the universities publish their research journal as well. Some famous policy institutes also publish their journals like Institute of Policy and Research Islamabad (IPRI) journal, Policy Perspectives by Pakistan Institute of Policy Studies (PIPS) etc.

4. Types of Magazine on basis of Periodicity:

Magazines can also be divided on the basis of periodicity. They are briefly explained as follows;

Weekly:Magazines which are published once in a week like Akhbar-e-Jahan, Jang, Family, Mag Weekly, Sunday Plus, Daily Times Sunday, Weekly Money Plus etc.

Bi-Monthly:Magazines that are published twice in a month like Aurora (advertising and business magazine)

Monthly- Magazines that are published once in a month like Herald, Jehangir World Times, Campus, Readers Digest

Quarterly:Magazines that are published after every quarter (3 months) of a year like Sage, Criterion etc.

Bi-Annual:Magazine or Journals published twice in a year like IPRI, Policy Perspectives by IPS etc.

Yearly:Magazines that are published once in a year like Shaheen Annual Youth Magazine by Allama Iqbal Medical College, Ravi etc.

Side Note:It should be kept in mind that magazine is a periodical; periodical is a regular issue (magazine or review) published from a press while journal is a professional periodical.

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