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Dress | Sahih-Ul-Bukhari | Chapter 72


Narrated by Abdullah bin Umar

Allahs Apostle said, Allah will not look at the person who drags his garment (behind him) out of conceit.

Narrated by Abdullah bin Umar

The Prophet said Allah will not look, on the Day of Resurrection at the person who drags his garment (behind him) out of conceit. On that Abu Bakr said, "O Allahs Apostle! One side of my Izar hangs low if I do not take care of it." The Prophet said, You are not one of those who do that out of conceit."

Narrated by Abu Bakra

The solar eclipse occurred while we were sitting with the Prophet He got up dragging his garment (on the ground) hurriedly till he reached the mosque The people turned (to the mosque) and he offered a two-Rakat prayer whereupon the eclipse was over and he traced us and said, "The sun and the moon are two signs among the signs of Allah, so if you see a thing like this (eclipse) then offer the prayer and invoke Allah till He remove that state."

Narrated by Abu Juhaifa

I saw Bilal bringing an Anza (a small spear) and fixing it in the ground, and then he proclaimed the Iqarna of the prayer, and I saw Allahs Apostle coming out, wearing a cloak with its sleeves rolled up. He then offered a two-Rakat prayer while facing the Anza, and I saw the people and animals passing in front of him beyond the Anza.

Narrated by Abu Huraira

The Prophet said, "The part of an Izar which hangs below the ankles is in the Fire."

Narrated by Abu Huraira

Allahs Apostle, "Allah will not look, on the Day of Resurrection, at a person who drags his Izar (behind him) out of pride and arrogance."

Narrated by Abu Huraira

The Prophet (or Abul Qasim) said, "While a man was walking, clad in a two-piece garment and proud of himself with his hair well-combed, suddenly Allah made him sink into the earth and he will go on sinking into it till the Day of Resurrection.

Narrated by Abdullah bin Umar

Allahs Apostle said, "While a man was dragging his Izar on the ground (behind him), suddenly Allah made him sink into the earth and he will go on sinking into it till the Day of Resurrection."

Narrated by Abu Huraira

That he heard the Prophet (narrating as above No. ).

Narrated by Abdullah bin Umar

Allahs Apostle said, "Whoever drags his clothes (on the ground) out of pride and arrogance, Allah will not look at him on the Day of Resurrection."

Narrated by Aisha

(the wife of the Prophet) The wife of Rifaa Al-Qurazi came to Allahs Apostle while I was sitting, and Abu Bakr was also there. She said, O Allah s Apostle! I was the wife of Rifaa and he divorced me irrevocably. Then I married AbdurRahman bin Az-Zubair who, by Allah, O Allahs Apostle, has only something like a fringe of a garment, Showing the fringe of her veil. Khalid bin Said, who was standing at the door, for he had not been admitted, heard her statement and said, "O Abu Bakr! Why do you not stop this lady from saying such things openly before Allahs Apostle?" No, by Allah, Allahs Apostle did nothing but smiled. Then he said to the lady, "Perhaps you want to return to Rifaa? That is impossible unless Abdur-Rahman consummates his marriage with you." That became the tradition after him.

Narrated by Ali

The Prophet asked for his Rida, put it on and set out walking. Zaid bin Haritha and I followed him till he reached the house where Harnza (bin Abdul Muttalib) was present and asked for permission to enter, and they gave us permission.

Narrated by Ibn Umar

A man asked, "O Allah s Apostle What kind of clothes should a Muhrim wear?" The Prophet, said, "A Muhrim should not wear a shirt, trousers a hooded cloak, or Khuffs (leather socks covering the ankles) unless he cannot get sandals, in which case he should cut the part (of the Khuff) that covers the ankles."

Narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah

The Prophet came to visit Abdullah bin Ubai (bin Salul) after he had been put in his grave. The Prophet ordered that Abdullah be taken out. He was taken out and was placed on the knees on the knees of the Prophet, who blew his (blessed) breath on him and dressed the body with his own shirt. And Allah knows better.

Narrated by Abdullah bin Umar

When Abdullah bin Ubdi (bin Salul) died, his son came to Allahs Apostle and said O Allahs Apostle, give me your shirt so that I may shroud my fathers body in it. And please offer a funeral prayer for him and invoke Allah for his forgiveness." The Prophet gave him his shirt and said to him Inform us when you finish (and the funeral procession is ready) call us. When he had finished he told the Prophet and the Prophet proceeded to order his funeral prayers but Umar stopped him and said, "Didnt Allah forbid you to offer the funeral prayer for the hypocrites when He said "Whether you (O Muhammad) ask forgiveness for them or ask not forgiveness for them (and even) if you ask forgiveness for them seventy times. Allah will not forgive them." Then there was revealed "And never (O Muhammad) pray for any of them that dies, nor stand at his grave." Thenceforth the Prophet did not offer funeral prayers for the hypocrites.

Narrated by Abu Huraira

Allahs Apostle has set forth an example for a miser and a charitable person by comparing them to two men wearing two iron cloaks and their hands are raised to their breasts and necks. Whenever the charitable man tries to give a charitable gift, his iron cloak expands till it becomes so wide that it will cover his fingertips and obliterate his tracks And, whenever the miser wants to give a charitable gift, his cloak becomes very tight over him and every ring gets stuck to its place Abu Huraira added; I saw Allahs Apostle putting his finger in the (chest) pocket of his shirt like that If you but saw him trying to widen (the opening of his shirt) but it did not widen.

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