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Petroleum As A Source Of Energy | Natural Gas | Natural Gas As Source Of Energy In PAKISTAN


1. Petroleum As A Source Of Energy:

Petroleum is a big source of energy and the whole world meets its energy requirements principally from this source. However the important utilization of the petroleum energy is as under:

  1. Petroleum is converted into electricity especially in ores where there is lack of hydral power.
  2. Petroleum energy is used as fuel in domestic uses factories and vehicles.
  3. Petroleum energy is used for light.
  4. Petroleum energy is used in diesel engines to pump or water from underground for drinking and irrigation purposes.

2. Natural Gas:

Natural gas is a mixture of different low boiling hydrocarbons it is composed of mainly, methane and in small quantities of ethane, propane and butane along with nitrogen and carbon dioxide.


3. Origin Of Natural Gas:

The origin of natural gas is similar to that petroleum. Because it is also made from the conversion of marine organic materials due to bacterial action of and high temperature and pressure for over million years, buried underground.

4. Natural Gas In PAKISTAN:

PAKISTAN has enough natural gas deposits and efforts are still being covered due to discover more deposits of natural gas.

  • A big deposit of natural gas was discovered in 1952 at Baluchistan.
  • A second big deposits of natural gas are found in Zinc, uch, khair pur, mazrani, khandhkol, sarisang, dhodak, rodho, ppirkoh and karak.

5. Natural Gas As Source Of Energy In PAKISTAN:

Natural gas play an important role as a source of energy in Pakistan.

  • It is mainly used as fuel in homes and industries.
  • It is used in the synthesis of chemicals like uera etc.
  • It is used in the production of electricity.
  • It is used as fuel in place of petrol in vehicles.
  • The uses of natural gas in different sectors of Pakistan are as under.
    • Power Generations 33%.
    • Small industries as fuel 25%.
    • Fertilizers 22%.
    • Cement Industries 15%.

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